Professional Electronic Design Consulting Services

ETRONIX covers the entire design spectrum, concept to production, simple gadgets to complex professional products. Hardware and software product development, prototype construction and test, schematic design and PCB layout, regulation compliance, PC software to web server software development.

If you're ready to bring an idea into reality, then we can make it happen!


Some areas of direct experience,

  • WiFi or Bluetooth system control via smartphones or tablets
  • WiFi and Bluetooth transceiver integration
  • GPS, magnetic, accelerometer, various sensor integration
  • Battery pack, power supply design
  • Allegro PCB Designer, printed circuit board design
  • MP3 based consumer product designs
  • 8,16 and 32 bit micocontrollers designs
  • TI DSP code development
  • H.320 and H.324 video conferencing
  • MPEG encoding and decoding
  • Composite video encoders and decoders
  • Digital video test pattern generation
  • Embedded PC design
  • PCIe, PCI and ISA development
  • SATA, SCSI, and IDE hard disk control
  • Flat panel controllers, HDMI, DVI, DFP, and VESA
  • IRDA, IR, USB, RS232, Firewire, T1, T3, V.34 communication
  • CCD cameras and camera development
  • High voltage system development
  • Laser diodes, ambient light sensors
  • Website, server side software development
  • Pocket PC, Windows CE development
  • Bluetooth stack development
  • Ethernet communications, hardware, software development
  • Linux, DOS, and Windows software development

A few completed designs,

  • DSP based v ideo poker machine lottery ticket sale and delivery system. Multiple designs which interface with various vendors and allows the sale of lottery tickets via existing equipment. System also allows for various new features to be added to hardwired machines.
  • Medication monitoring and reminder system with internet connected interface.
  • Award winning sleep analyzing watch. High volume consumer product using very low power design, LCD, USB and accelerometers.
  • Multiple digital signage ad delivery systems, ad delivery via public televisions utilizing existing video scaled and insertion of localized ad content delivered via Ethernet, modem, cellular and pager networks.
  • Analog video frontend digitizer and filter for professional video compression system. Design was integral part of Emmy winning system.
  • Functional prototype of an in car Bluetooth audio head unit delivered to a major car manufacturer for integration into a car design. The device supported wireless user configuration of the car. It also supported wireless audio playback control, Bluetooth wireless speaker phone, and live streaming MP3 playback.
  • Multiple portable digital audio devices. Devices support MP3, AAC, WMA, and ADPCM. They use embedded x86 processors and TI DSP's running a multitasking OS. Multiple option designs included Bluetooth communications, USB, serial, docking station, FM transmitter, FM receiver, IDE, SD, MMC and CF memories. Website and extensive PC side software were also designed to support the devices.
  • Complete H.324 videophone design. Unit was designed to allow bidirectional audio and one way video over a standard analog phone line. Design included a digital camera, integrated modem, and video text overlays.
  • Hand held communication protocols analyzers with RS-232, DDS, T1, and T3 interfaces. Designs include AMD processors, TI microcontrollers, and Altera programmable devices.
  • Wireless inventory tracking system for auto industry with website integration.
  • D1 video test pattern generator with synchronized audio signals for audio delay analysis.
  • Design and implementation of a X.25 interface to a Short Message Service Center (SMSC) via the SEMA protocol.
  • Master clock generator for MPEG video compression system. Design included multiple digital clock outputs as well as line locked video sync signals.
  • Design and implementation of corporate LAN-based email forwarding application designed to operate on all Windows 32-bit platforms. Included Client/Server functionality integrated with mail systems utilizing Microsoft Mail (MAPI) and Lotus Notes (API). Integrated with Schedule Plus using OLE and interfaces using SMTP, POP3, IMPA4, SNPP, and TAP. Telecommunications library utilizing Microsoft Remote Access (RAS), Telephony (TAPI) facilities and TAP interface for Unix-based system, were also designed.
  • A multitude of smaller projects, utilizing microcontrollers, programmable logic and PC software development...........